29 July 2008

Re-booting the challenge.

"Tea Time"
Hattie Heart

Hola and guten morgen, ya'll.

We're back!

Let the challenging begin. ;-)

So, instead of just picking up where we left off, we thought
we wouldback up a little, re-post previous challenge topics and
some accompanying challenge responses for fun and inspiration.

Let's start with the ironic but oddly appropriate:


Have fun and remember - no deadlines no pressure.

If the topic inspires you to make some art
then please share it with us here or at Flickr

Thanks Again

Previous responses included:


While walking my dogs I had the idea that nature is always waiting
for something new to come. Rain or sunshine, heat or cold.
So I chose a flower bud and did it with freemotion stitching on cotton.
The bud itself is about 12cm x 7cm.

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